"life's a brief"

24; male; Seattle, WA; Linguistics graduate of the University of Washington; Certified Realtime Shorthand Reporter & Broadcast Closed Captioner; polyglot; green tea; stenography geek by day hyphy by night; design; gym rat; Gregg Shorthand; trance music; people pleaser; yerba mate; danceaholic; dog-person; new notebooks and pens; sour candy; MagnumSteno; diet soda; puma; diesel; Apple; Total Eclipse; 二ホンゴ; Lightspeed Steno Writers; sweet tea vodka; perpetual insomniac; EDM4LYFE.


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    I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem. Josh doesn’t seem to understand the concept of living with chronic...
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    My life.
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    Story of my life.
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