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sweetren92 asked: Hey I'm on 80wpm and was wondering if you had any good sites you practice with? just out of curiosity what was your practice regimen like? i feel like i should be at a faster speed... and I know PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE lol =P

I can’t really suggest to you any sites that I practice to because when I started, I tended to use a lot of podcasts.  Like free ones that you can get off of the iTunes store.  As of now I’m using the magnum steno club.  But that’s because I bought the membership in order to practice for the RPR and the CCP this coming November.  Like, I really need a push right now because testing, as you know is a whole different ballgame than say, captioning a TV show that you like.  I use a lot of Rachel Maddow’s podcasts because she talks very, very fast — like she regularly spikes up to 250.  For someone at 80WPM, though, I would suggest that you go search for Steven Shastay’s drills online.  I used those when I was in lower speeds.  There’s also some videos on YouTube if you search for “court reporting tutor .” She has a bunch of slower stuff.  As far as what my practice regimen right now looks like, for the entire month of October I’ve been practicing between eight to 13 hours a day, six days a week.  Since I tend to practice at coffee shops, on Saturdays, when I’m done, I would literally run down to my car, throw all my steno crap into my trunk, take a bunch of shots and run out to the bars and clubs.  But since I never really was in court reporting school, I would practice steno in my regular lectures in college, and then I would practice for a couple more hours after that.  But this is really crunch time for me right now.  That’s why it’s so intense.  But I will tell you this, I got from zero to close to 260 words per minute in a year and five months.  You get what you put into it, literally.  And in my case, I’m hella impatient and I want money now.  So I’ve been at it full force ever since I started.  Like after hearing from CART providers at my university — how much they make and going to depositions and finding out the reporter I’m interning under just scored two or three grand after one deposition — that was a major motivating factor.  But mix it up, it doesn’t always have to be from legal dictation tapes.  That shit sucks.  Sometimes I’ll do like RuPaul’s drag race or America’s next top model or some other shows to switch it up.  And since you’re watching TV at the same time, it doesn’t feel quite so monotonous.  So yeah, I would say if you have the time, as in if you’re not working right now or have other obligations, then you should hit it hard every time you practice.  It will pay off in the end.  Write short.  And learn a shit ton of briefs.  Don’t listen to the bull that they tell you that you should write everything out.  ‘Eff that.

Sorry I wrote this on my steno machine and it’s wayy to easy to write too much :P.

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